Commercial practice
Services for comprehensive legal support of commercial contracts and businesses
•Comprehensive legal support of commercial activities (outsourcing of legal functions)
•Legal support of business projects (new services and business technology) in a business environment
•Developing legal plans for business conduct and funding (including introduction of new services and products)
•Developing local regulations
•Legal audit of the current contractual obligations, detection and elimination of risks
•Drafting contracts and introducing a contracting system, supporting economic transactions
•Introducing management responsibility and authority distribution systems
•Audit of disputes and claims handled
•Audit of the business document support system (including external document exchange with counterparties) •Organization of the due diligence and counterparty audit system
•Labor law services
Legal support of commercial projects and businesses
The practice provides a full range of services associated with the comprehensive legal support of businesses in various economy sectors (including contract, corporate, administrative, financial, and labor law, as well as civil and arbitration procedural law)
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