Internet business and digital economics
Services for the support of Web-projects and introduction of digital technology integrations
•Complex support of businesses on the Internet, including preparing all forms of legal documents (B2C, B2B, and С2С projects)
•Legal support of business processes of e-commerce businesses (contracting, logistics, electronic document management, personal information, advertising, and other issues)
•Legal support of new service introduction in the electronic commerce
•Development of an effective system of the customer claim processing in retail
•Consulting on the Internet online payments
•Consulting regarding the issue and use of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts
We are well-versed in how the Internet business works and we have an extensive experience in supporting innovative projects.
The team of the practice provides a full range of services associated with the support of projects in the field of Internet business, information technology, and digital economy, including analysis of legal regulation, development of legal schemes and all forms of documents necessary for arranging a business on the Internet and digital economy environment. The lawyers of the practice are experienced in developing industry-specific regulatory legal acts related to the regulation of the Internet and information technology (in particular, the Federal Law On Personal Data, Federal law On the National Payment System, Law of the Russian Federation On Protection of Consumers’ Rights, Rules for Remote Sale of Goods).
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